Tuesday, 30 June 2009

This week

I will make 6 more log cabin blocks for Solly's quilt..please prod me if I don't!

I promise to put together the tute for making upcycled T shirts from old t shirts like this one

I also want to sew myself a skirt from the green Ginger Tile fabric,tidy my sewing area,and make a beach bag which un -zips and truns into a beach mat.
Oh, and in other news I held a stall at a mini craft market on Sunday.
Knowing that people will buy my work is quite an inspiring feeling,and I collected a lot more than just pounds and pence from it
I got nice comments on my stuff and it has given me motivation to begin my "Christmas craft to sell" work sooner rather than later


Jaime said...

I love the quilt so far! I'm playing "spot the fabric" with it already. :)

Leigh said...

I cannot wait to see the tutorial! And that quilt is going to be amazing, so many favorite fabrics in there!

Alexis said...

SO Jayne, how are those blocks coming? ;-p Can;t ait to see more of this quilt!