Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Log cabin-ish fever

I have a love for log cabin blocks
I tried making some log cabin inspired ones,I am way to lazy and undisciplined to find out how to do it "properly",so I made this way up ,with a vast amount of 6cm wide strips a rotary cutter and my machine!

What I love is the way I can really use up lots of strange ,oddly shaped,scrappy bits of fabric left from projects.

They are going to be scatter cushion covers ,some destined for the sofa,some for gifts and some for Solly's bed

Is it strange to have a favorite corner?

Well call me strange,as this is mine!

Then this one is only pieced so far,not quilted yet,I went for a more traditional use of the blocks here to create an orange half and a green half...I liked the effect more than the random ones I think

This one is for Solly's bed, he enjoyed greatly ,spotting the bits of fabric which his clothes are made from...sweet little observant boy!

(I have actually made 12 blocks the same size too,for a single bed quilt for Sol,but I am taking my time on that one................. )


NuggleMe said...

As always Fabulous stuff!!! You inspire me.

Joy said...

beautiful stuff, keep finding myself thinking I ought to get a bit crafty in the near future. Your projects make me grin.

Jaime said...

Love all the fabrics you use here! How cute to use your boy's clothes prints in a pillow -- great idea!