Friday, 7 August 2009

I seem to have been to busy to blog

Mainly running,both the actual running which requires tight lycra and trainers,and the kind of running which is running everyones lives and a home.

I also feel the very unseasonal weather has made me feel unsure of what to make .....anyone else feeling urges to knit and make wintery things???

I have lots of ideas at the moment for autumnal wardrobe items for myself,but I am shrinking,and I need to see what size I end up at before I cut

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

This week

I will make 6 more log cabin blocks for Solly's quilt..please prod me if I don't!

I promise to put together the tute for making upcycled T shirts from old t shirts like this one

I also want to sew myself a skirt from the green Ginger Tile fabric,tidy my sewing area,and make a beach bag which un -zips and truns into a beach mat.
Oh, and in other news I held a stall at a mini craft market on Sunday.
Knowing that people will buy my work is quite an inspiring feeling,and I collected a lot more than just pounds and pence from it
I got nice comments on my stuff and it has given me motivation to begin my "Christmas craft to sell" work sooner rather than later

Friday, 26 June 2009

Really teeny scraps and really big lengths

Never throw any tiny bits away,because you can always use them ,this is my down fall,clearly,I have the teeniest scraps,but so ,so many,this pin cushion and more like it will be going into my Folksy shop this weekend,it is rude not to pass on the mini log cabin love

Then some super,super,fabric arrived by post this morning,yum,the "Ginger Tile" is many times more stunning than I thought it would be ,I plan a skirt from some of it,and hope the scraps will be big enough to log cabin.........

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Finishing off....

This sweet bag inspired by the free tutorial over at the Lazy seamstress,seriously all it needed was a button sewing to it ,what is wrong with me? It has been in the ever growing pile of "finishing off" for at least a month.....shameful I know.
Then the log cabin cushion covers I showed yesterday I made the back for ,I love the back,nearly as much as the actual quilted fronts

I have the other cushion panel quilted and ready to sew to it's back too,then I am going to force myself to do more "finishing off" as it feels pretty noble and grown up !

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Log cabin-ish fever

I have a love for log cabin blocks
I tried making some log cabin inspired ones,I am way to lazy and undisciplined to find out how to do it "properly",so I made this way up ,with a vast amount of 6cm wide strips a rotary cutter and my machine!

What I love is the way I can really use up lots of strange ,oddly shaped,scrappy bits of fabric left from projects.

They are going to be scatter cushion covers ,some destined for the sofa,some for gifts and some for Solly's bed

Is it strange to have a favorite corner?

Well call me strange,as this is mine!

Then this one is only pieced so far,not quilted yet,I went for a more traditional use of the blocks here to create an orange half and a green half...I liked the effect more than the random ones I think

This one is for Solly's bed, he enjoyed greatly ,spotting the bits of fabric which his clothes are made from...sweet little observant boy!

(I have actually made 12 blocks the same size too,for a single bed quilt for Sol,but I am taking my time on that one................. )

Monday, 22 June 2009

Oliver + S Sail boat outfit

I am really, really, pleased with this project,it was a great pattern to follow,and came together really fast.

I managed JUST to squeeze the trousers out of a remnant of red linen which as 50p,and then the buttons for me just brought the whole thing together so well !


I love how the shoes were just totally perfect too.


I liked how we were a teeny bit matchy matchy too


A nice close up of the contrast top stitching which brought the trousers and shirt together

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Quite a lot of this and that

Because I have a dress to make for a wedding on Saturday,of course I have been mainly sewing...not the dress !
Typically I have lots of other very important things I need to sew!

This is a cute summeer dress for me
Simplicity 2591 again infact

Then the Oliver + S "Sailboat" pattern arrived ,which actually is a real sewing need,as Solly will be wearing this outfit to the wedding

It is being made in red linen for the pants and pale leaf green textured cotton for the shirt,with red topstitching,he has the sweetest red leather shoes to wear ,as do I!!!!

Also some experimental cloth food bags have been whipped up,yay once more for stash busting!!!


Also a new skirt ,not my regualar knee length one either,but shock ,horror a short one!!!

I adore this Kokka fabric and decided with leggings this would be a good look,my 14 year old daughter is pretty horrified with me,thinking I am "young"

For the record I am 35...not 65........just incase you thought I was elderly too


I am planning an upcycled T shirt tute as and when this wedding sewing is out of the way